About a Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (Argeneau Vampire) - Lynsay Sands

I almost liked it would be a better way of describing it.


While I get that the h and her husband were mostly married because they grew up together and were never really exposed to anyone else due to their collective parents' field of expertise, and maybe they would have never married if they'd waited 'til they were both out of college, they were still married. And Bricker, in spite of that, continuously pursued Holly. That bugged me. A lot. Perhaps if he'd been more circumspect about it but sheesh. Flowers (lots), a picnic on the beach, taking her to meet his parents. Pushy, Bricker, Pushy and inappropriate.


That didn't even touch on the shared dreams - which nobody felt the need to clue Holly in on until practically the last minute (and then it was Bricker slipping something by accident). At least, when she did find out, she did lose her shit and slap the bejesus out of him. I'm just a bit more violent though and would have had him rolling in the floor in pain.


I actually didn't mind the part of her husband being Gia's life mate. I just think Bricker would have been doing quite a bit of groveling rather than me worrying that he wouldn't want me anymore.