The Scandalous Mackenzies -  Jennifer Ashley

What can I say? The somewhat shaky social oddities got to me.


Ok...first tale - Lloyd, the illegitimate MacKenzie. Granted, this is Victorian England, but the h is the daughter of an Earl. Also, why the fuss because his father wouldn't acknowledge him? His mother was a barmaid. Are we to assume that every peer kept an eye on every light skirt he boinked just in case? Minor irritant - Daniel had been threatened with blackmail by the deceased, yet never offered the suggestion that maybe that was why he was offed?


Second tale - a huge deal was made about young h marrying older gent who didn't survive the honeymoon. Ok, I do get the whole "didn't survive the honeymoon" bit, but the age difference? Eh? Wasn't it a rather common thing for older titled gents to "shop" for young wives for various reasons (like heirs)? And her stepson... apparently resented his own mother because his father spent time with her.