The reason you don't see the elephant in the room...

If He's Noble (Wherlockes) - Hannah Howell

is because you took your glasses off. The h wears glasses. The indication is that she can't see without them - at all. And yet, there is little mention of them. No reaching to the nightstand for them, no dislodging them during nookie... She is awakened by the puppy's growl and sees a doorknob or window latch turn. She goes over a cliff and manages not to so much as knock them askew. Yet, when we first meet her, she's knocked them off when she fell from her horse and they're caught in her coat.


Note- it wasn't until I'd finished the book that I really thought about how little mention her specs were given.


The H - has the ability to sense danger, and calm people.


Side romance (which was left in limbo) - the h's brother and a "lost one" (unknown member of H's clan)


Plot - the usual. Someone is trying to kill/maim one of the two main characters and the other comes to their defense. I'd gripe but I've just about given up. ALL historicals seem to use this damned plot these days.


Issues - the tired, worn out plot that's been used and abused by everyone, the glasses, the language (one time, a character says "nay", the next time "no". Which is it?), the magically coming to grips with a phobia just because one finally remembers the roots of it (doesn't work like that, man.), the wherelock/vaughn male tendency to asssssyoumeeee that the h would be better off without him and attempt to ride off into the sunset.