The Master (The Game Maker Series) - Kresley Cole

the .5 because the h wasn't a doormat, Not a 4 though because she was still TSTL Why do I say that?




Exhibit A
You come home early for whatever reason, and hear your erstwhile husband and his mistress plotting to kill you. You load up an antique gun (amazing it didn't blow up in her face), and confront them. The gun goes off, the mistress is killed. Do you...


1_shoot the husband while you're at it
2_ditch the gun and run from the now angry husband, leaving him alive to stalk you both to finish the job and to get revenge


Exhibit B
You're on the run. Do you...


1_pick random names from the phone book
2 _use family names because nobody'd ever think to look for that


Exhibit C
You're on the run. Do you...


1_reinvent yourself, leaving absolutely nothing for a stalker to find
2_work on your college degree, leaving paper trails everywhere


Exhibit D
You think you saw psycho stalker. Do you...


1_bail RIGHT NOW
2_decide to put it off until you finish your finals


Selecting 2 more than once makes it highly likely you won't survive for very long.

In fact, I'm bemused that the psycho hadn't caught up to her before. At least she wasn't a pushover. Still...


Maybe I'm a little odd (doubt it) but I don't spend all my time thinking about sex and getting turned on. And I'm in my head a lot more than I should be. Also, maybe I'm a little odd (doubt it) but there comes a point in stimulation where it becomes irritating rather than enjoyable. Even better, I have hip and shoulder issues so the aching and cramping from that interferes if I hold position too long. (would love to see an older h and the resulting physical therapy due to the strain. Hahah!)


H - typical knuckle dragger who seems to equate $,$$$,$$$ with good taste. I think, at some point, it occurred to me that he'd occupied that hotel suite for several weeks at 35k a night, and had made modifications to it. Uhmmmmm.... Right. No mention of housekeeping changing the sheets or anything either. Sounds like the type of guest the hotel eventually uninvites and bans.


And of course, the h, who answered 2 to *every single one of those questions* nearly got killed at the end because she "just had to take that final exam".  Which suddenly brings to mind...


How did she enroll in the first place?  They don't just take someone off the street.  THere's paperwork to fill out.  And if you're working toward a degree, you have to transfer credits, otherwise...there are a bunch of classes that one has to have taken another class before it can be taken.


Which brings to mind the whole logistics of bringing in a surgeon from Australia for a second opinion. Errr... if she was that bad off, she'd have been dead before he even got to the airport on his end. There's the need for visa/passport/whatever Australia uses, there's the ticket, there's the FLIGHT, traffic, etc. And...why? Aren't there enough surgeons in the US to hassle into coming in?