You don't have to have a villain!!

The Highlander Takes a Bride - Lynsay Sands

Seriously!  It's the most overused trope in historical romancelandia


Highlights - well, the humor.



1) Why build a h up as being skilled with weapons and able to take care of herself if you're going to render her helpless so the requisite knuckle dragger can rescue her?
2) The whole villain thing. Always seemingly someone you'd never expect. The hidden viper. Visually harmless, everyone likes, and yet...if they'd all compare what they know about the person, they'd realize the person isn't as they seem.
3) Meeting the H while he's dallying with some castle maid. No matter his apparent interest in the h, it never completely wipes away the image of someone who'd toss the skirt up of anyone convenient.
4) Dumb things done by either character - the h sneaking off from her guard, after she'd been shot. Shutting someone up (alone) in their room "for their protection" when you know there are hidden passages where someone can just...visit. Not securing said hidden passages. Never stopping to consider the possibility that hidden passages could be used.