The purple prose is strong with this one...

Earth Bound (A Sea Haven Novel) - Christine Feehan

I giveth you:


Thunder roared in her ears. Her blood pumped hot and crazy through her body. Flames licked at her skin. The tsunami seemed endless, wave after wave rocking her, until she heard her own scream, a cry of pure shock and absolute freedom.


The time frame annoyed me. Heroine was kidnapped and used for a number of years. She has panic attacks, is uncomfortable around men, indoors, etc. She meets H and in an undetermined amount of time but clearly less than 2 weeks as a litter of puppies was born within a day of the meeting and no mention was ever made of them having their eyes open, she's having sex with the H. Even better, she gets through it without freezing up, or having a panic attack. And, once the magic pen has been utilized, she's relatively gung-ho.

That is my biggest issue.


Purple prose was a close second.


What is Gavril's gift exactly? Max does air. I don't remember Thomas/Stefan or Lev exactly. I know Ilya has them all.


Big deal. V. big deal. I've become increasingly restless with the fact that these brothers are congregating and yet, not getting together, particularly the youngest as he doesn't live on the farm. It just seems so improbable that they'd all live in a small town and not meet. They all get together in this book. Finally. Now watch the next one be entirely devoid of Prakenskis other than the H. Well, ok then. As long as it doesn't take place in Sea Harbor, because that's just unrealistic not to interact with siblings you haven't seen since you were a child - assuming there aren't...issues...between you and them.