Siren's Call - Jayne Castle

You know, I have mixed feelings, both with the alien jurassic park, and the need to have the H/h oddities on a planet full of oddities. Granted, all the pairings have featured exceedingly strong oddities, so this is kindof expected. Doesn't mean I don't wish to occasionally see an average H/h. The notion of the alien dinosaurs is the idea that they can't survive long enough to adapt. At least the aliens put them in stasis before abandoning the site.


So our H/h meet over alien weapon technology and dust bunnies. He disappears, she gets paid well by the dust bunny who hired her, and life goes on - 'til he reappears 3 months later and hires her. Of course, they get together. Of course she is able to save them from dinosaurs. Of course she's able to sing a dinosaur to death (she is a Siren, after all). Of course, his talent has gotten screwed by a bad burn, and now he has what she calls "lucid dreams". What I call the Sight.


There were some things that bugged me - the time frame from the meeting in her office 'til the wedding she had to get back to seemed short but I got the impression that the contract was for several weeks' service. I hate it when the sense of timing is off. The lack of romance or even interaction besides running - much could be blamed on the timing confusion. The fact that neither the H, nor the h, both of whom seemed to be able to pick up on suspicious vibes, missed the cook and the agent. Oh, the H did, after much thought, decide something was off about the agent, but it took him 'til practically the end of the book. The h just didn't like the agent. Neither picked up anything with the cook. Hate it even more when the H and/or the h is capable of picking up personality issues and fails to do so.