B785 - Eve Langlais

Ah...the inconsistency rears its ugly head. If they had no idea there were female cyborgs, then how was it Astro was familiar with Bonnie's reputation? Come on; he knew her number. Further, how is it nobody knew HE had a brother who was apparently a cyborg as well? And if the military have started snatching relatives of the cyborgs to use for bait, then why did nobody express concern?


So Bonnie, for reasons never expressed, was an irresponsible young woman who dragged her sister into one last scrape and essentially got them both killed, though the military got hold of them and converted them.


Einstein, brilliant but troubled kid, drew government attention and...was kidnapped and essentially murdered, but not quite. One can assume they at least waited 'til he'd stopped growing, but it doesn't sound like they did. Poor kid had nothing really TO remember since he, more than the others, was robbed of a future. It could be argued that the others would have died had they not been...appropriated.


The romance - in the form of a h who found herself attracted what sounds like the opposite of her normal type, and a H who was socially awkward and, due to his bionics, aware of how socially awkward he was, was entertaining. She was relentless, and he wasn't sure what was going on.


The add-on bit with Astro attempting to betray them to save his brother... not sure about that.