Endless Knight  - Kresley Cole

I struggled to get to the halfway point. Why? Same reason as before. Issues.


Things that still bothered me from the first book - H1 attending school armed with a flask of booze and a knife. Emmm. Right. Should have commented about that in the first book but...


So this book... the h and her band of miscreants run into a few other Arcana who'd just had a run-in with Death (and as a Pratchett fan, I twitch every time the brat formerly known as Arik gets called - or calls himself - that) They manage to get past that group unscathed, run a long time, run into a somewhat two-faced other Arcana, get caught by cannibals lead by yet another Arcana. She manages to get them out of it whereupon the two-faced one aids in her capture by Death. It was around here that I finally gave up. I really did not want to spend 150+ pages with a h who apparently sees the good in everyone (read - TSTL...and a Sue) and the millennia old man-child with his millennia old grudge against a previous Empress.


Now, whether I read book 3 or not, I don't know. I guess it depends on how inspired I feel after an upcoming vacation (and the reading of a library book)