Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple I - Jaid Black, Sahara Kelly, Ravyn Wilde, Doreen DeSalvo

What can I say, it was a kindle freebie some time ago, like before the EC debacle.


I finally dug this out and finished it (started it in an office somewhere)


Truthfully? Thank God most of them were short. All are paranormal to some extent.


Tale the first gave me flashbacks from Demolition Man and the sex helmets
The second? Em, if he no longer wanted revenge, why bother with sexual torture for 14 HOURS?!
The third - you discover the guy you had the hots for is a werewolf and you just...hop on pop
The fourth -ok, I would have liked to see this one expanded. I can't see that law working long term as I'm sure someone would react violently to being mated to a werewolf.
The fifth - Ah...interesting, though frankly the whole living your private BDSM fantasy with a complete stranger is a bit...reckless, even if you can read his mind.
The sixth - Lora Leigh and no breeds. Enough said.