Night Shift - Nalini Singh, Lisa Shearin, Ilona Andrews, Milla Vane

One of the better anthologies I've read. Most are at least entertaining.


Tale the first - Nalini Singh's contribution. H has discovered his mate's scent, but he can't find her UNTIL... he takes an elderly shifter home and meets a young woman she's befriended. The h - orphaned as a tot - has been brought up human and has no idea she isn't. Since moving to the area, she's been having "issues" which come to a head after meeting the H - her inner cat wants to come out and play. This possibly is one of the best uses of a novella - lots of time needed to figure out who she really is can be written off in a paragraph or two (we don't need to know of the days of fingernail tapping while waiting for a phone to ring or an email to arrive). It's a given that he's going to accept her, and she has no objections, so...


Tale the second - the first thing I've read from the Kate Daniels series (I've since hunted down all the books themselves, will worry about additional novellas later). The H is second in command - I think - and the boss has taken off and left him in charge. He has a girlfriend in the h, who has self esteem issues I think. And...something bad is happening. It was cute, and more importantly, it made me curious about the world it's set in.


Tale the third - A SPI adventure. I laughed quite a bit during the reading, and now have a quest to find the two books in the series.


Tale the fourth - didn't fit with the rest. It's...difficult to explain I guess. Set on a prehistoric/primitive landscape, with erotic overtones and a lack of hygiene (believe it or not, I didn't get turned on by the frequent blowing of an unwashed hornpipe, hand jobs with unwashed hands/va-jay-jay, constant references to thick fingers during said hand jobs (and h still had her v-card), public display of cunning lingual skills, etc. All interspersed with the apparent quest (which he managed to cause her to drop, thus causing her to be marked by the goddess, all because he was afraid taming meant being put on a leash).) Didn't like this one.