Snow on the Bayou - Sandra Hill

Just shy of the 300 page mark, I almost threw it against the wall.

I'm all for a good grovel - when it's needed, and I'm good with grand gestures. What I really DON'T like is when the person doing all the groveling and humiliating grand gestures is the damned VICTIM!!

That happens all too often in this series, which is why I was somewhat disappointed to note this as being a crossover. I like the Viking II series mostly (don't care for the WEALS going back in time, but that's another story).

So a million years ago, Cage was railroaded by a dirty sheriff into leaving town. His grandparents were threatened with foreclosure if they didn't do everything possible to keep Cage and the sherif's daughter from contact. The daughter was pregnant, and was railroaded into marrying Cage's cousin. Cage finished bootcamp and came home to find his girlfriend had married during the several months he was away.

He's back, because his grandmother is dying, and slowly all these facts are coming out. At the 300ish page mark, he offers swimmers to the h (his old girlfriend) because she was contemplating AI anyway. She goes off the deep end on him (when just a few hours later they'd been discussing how to make the relationship work 'til he got out of the Navy), and reveals the pregnancy. He is understandably upset.

Everyone then proceeds to act like he's done some unpardonable crime and must crawl on broken glass to prove his love to her, thus leading to that idiotic song and dance routine that shows up in nearly all the Cajun series.

As an aside, the last time I read Ian's book, he was married to Torolf's sister, Madreen. Torolf was married to Hilde. And Rachel (another heroine I wanted to bitchslap) was a frizzy redhead; not dark haired.