Rapture (The Fallen Angels, #4) - J.R. Ward

Ooookay, and on that note, I'm making the executive decision NOT to hunt the last two down.



Where to start?


Jim - head increasingly up arse over the kid.


The story arc itself. Really?


The theology.


But that's the series...


The book itself.

The h made me want to bitch-slap her more than once. She looks down on her mother. Why? Because her mother is different from her. Her mother is nice, polite, helpful, generous. She views this as weak. She lives with her mother, and has since her father died some two years before. She doesn't know who pays the bills, or mows the lawn. She moved back to take care of her mother, but she isn't.


The mother... is a widow, and doesn't work. Her husband was a cop killed in the line of duty. How is she supporting herself?


The H...is starting with a clean slate - he gets amnesia and doesn't remember that he was the bad guy a couple of books ago...I think (is it bad that I don't even remember who was in the last book?).


The h views him with suspicion - as long as he isn't kissing her apparently. Then she's all about him, only to suddenly get suspicious about him when she leaves. I couldn't help but view her as a flake, especially since she was told from the beginning - by him - that he was bad news, yet got all up in arms when she got confirmation that was less than...kosher.


And frankly, if I read one more time a character thinking of another's female interest as a chippie, I'm going to scream.