Envy  - J.R. Ward

And it's doing good to get that.


Lots of things, little things, annoying things, oh no you didn't things...


Let's see...


There's the "what do you know" and other assorted phrases in the narrative. As part of dialog, sure. Narrative? Sounds like a storyteller who's trying too hard.


There's Jim being a dumb ass and getting one of his team killed, which leads to...you can kill an angel!?


There's the whole savior bit (which lead to me putting the book down in favor of computers, housecleaning, etc., because Easter, man. So inappropriate)


And I finish up with the mocking laughter at the reason the young woman in the first book was out in the first place - her mother had surgery for hammer toes and couldn't get around. Say what?! Know how many celebrities treat us to views of their hammer toes in their ill-fitting "do me" shoes? Most of them. And yet, these people never have surgery to fix their toes. Our middle class victim's mother had surgery. To fix hammer toes. Right..


On the plus side, Paul Marron looks good on the cover.