Unti Lynsay Sands #18 - Lynsay Sands

I found Sherry - the h- and her sometimes diarrhea of the mouth quite entertaining. So on that alone, win. I needed the entertainment. Once past that initial half of the book which was so funny though, I didn't feel nearly as inclined I guess to bury myself in the book. That is to say, much of the first half was funny. The second half though, took a more serious turn and I just wasn't really in the mood.


While I might have found her entertaining, I was irritated by her going from accepting to deciding this was a bad trip. Since this was around the halfway point, and thereafter the mood turned serious, maybe I viewed that as a turning point of sorts. The mystery of the immortal that had made her so resistant to mind control was a turn into bizarroland I wasn't really anticipating. I do remember, in Single White Vampire, it was stated that it was v. rare for a mortal female to get pg. I also remember Drina commenting that she'd decided against having a child with a mortal king she'd been married to. So apparently it can happen; I just wasn't expecting it.


Basil...ah Basil. Do I even know anything about him? He existed to be her life mate? They had lots of hot, steamy sex? Uh... He's a lawyer who lives in NY, has 22 living children with a v. good friend, and is on the council. He's also Lucien's brother, and Katricia's father. Beyond that? :shrug: We don't know his likes, dislikes. He does butt heads with Lucien.


I'm relieved that the Leo problem was finally wrapped up (one hopes - he had lots of mini-mes), but feel bad for Basha.


Boy was Bricker being an arse. It was like a teenager was suddenly inhabiting this not-quite-century old man. And maybe it's kinda fitting that the next book - his book - finds him in the unenviable position of being the Other Man (and presumably testing out the revised rules about messing with married women)


Bottom line, liked it. Didn't love it. Would have rather spent more time learning about Basil instead of the wild goose chases that seemed to come out of nowhere.