Burned - Karen Marie Moning

I was relieved that I wasn't in Dani's head; the kid's utter contempt for the people she protected wore on my last nerve. OTOH...


The notion of there being two personalities there seems a bit...odd...when one considers that in previous book, someone commented that she and her ID seemed to be the same person.


Am puzzled as to Mac's sudden passivity. It's not like she hasn't had the thing inside her for the past 6 books, and known about it the last 2. And *now* she's having trouble controlling it?


Other things, random things. A set number of Fae royalty and they get replaced if one dies? While that seems to be the case with Christian, how come it is that Adam wasn't replaced? Or for that matter, the prince Cruce killed?


Overall, this seems more a bridge - there's the rescue mission where we discover Christian has found his center and is simply a Kelter druid with Fae powers. There's the bit about Dageus where I can't help but wonder a) WHOSE remains did Drustan take back and b) is Dageus now one of Them?


Questions, questions. Questions without answers. Hmmm.