Heroic Abduction - Eve Langlais

Ok well, that was fun.


Dyre is an unusual purple alien - he wants to be a GOOD guy. He's also a walking disaster. Oh, he's got skills, lots of skills. He's just...misguided? He's been banned from a number of planets due to heroism gone horribly wrong (the dragon burned down the village, the virgin sacrifice got trampled in the rescue attempt, etc). He runs into the h in yet another attempt at heroism.


The heroine was one of a group of teenagers (and their teacher) abducted several books ago - and rescued by a couple of cousins in an equally vastly entertaining book. She and her Zonian friend are out on an acquisition mission (and to find out what happened to one of the other former teenagers who stopped communication while on a mission)


She's a walking disaster too, but for different reasons. She attracts trouble, possibly due to being human, whereas he creates his own chaos by accident.


So lots of stuff happens, many beings die trying to snatch his female, many witty remarks and arguments occur. Oh, and several times she interrupts his heroic acts by saving the day. Drives him nuts.


As I said, fun. No this was not a deep and heavy read. But that's fine with me because I'm not looking for that.