Lion and the Falcon - Eve Langlais

The jokes were bad, the taunting endlessly amusing in its awfulness, but considering the pairing, I'm sure it was intended.


I actually kinda resented the intrusion of the bad guy, even if he did set the scene up for the H to be rescued by the h. And boy was his demise anticlimactic.


The H - a Lion physician whose mother mothers him a good deal more than he's comfortable with - has a patient after him. The patient is deranged, thanks to being experimented on, and blames all doctors.


The h - a falcon who grew up in a falcon orphanage - gets assigned to him. She thinks he's a playboy and is more than a little bemused when she finds out his mother has offered a reward to the first female who can bag him. Alas, this amusing side plot is only touched on. Considering some psycho is after him, the complication of having to fend off feline females trying to waylay him for other reasons could have made the book more...entertaining. Instead, most of it was the first few days - until he gets in her pants - then the next several weeks are glossed over. And there lies the rub - somehow I doubt they just stopped because she shot at one.