Knights of the Round Table: Geraint - Gwen Rowley



Not quite as good as the previous - that whole Great Misunderstanding thing runs through the entire book. The H runs into a lone warrior woman(!) fending off bandits. He ASS-YOU-MEs that she's been forced to learn to defend herself, perhaps pressed into service, etc. He presses for marriage - to rescue her from herself or something - drags her to Camelot to show her what she's missing (how chivalrous of him...), ASS-YOU-MEs that since she's no virgin, that she's possibly been raped and well... as he finds out more about his new bride, he becomes increasingly distrustful, judgmental, etc.


The highlight might have been when he found out that, as part of her warrior woman duties (this was a bonafide position in her tribe), she got to give brief instruction in the art of intimacy to her pupil, he pretty much called her a whore. Mmmm boy.


And yet, she saved his life, several times in fact. Of course, she also punched him in the jaw for calling her that. Knocked him on his keester in fact. So it wasn't ALL bad. And, eventually, he came to accept her as she was.