Christmas in Transylvania - Sandra Hill

For a novella... pretty good.


Granted, I find the notion of selling novellas all by their lonesome irritating, especially since a lot of stores won't stock them (or they're only available as ebook or...). Still, I generally don't rate a novella for being just that (I have, OTOH, ripped a few glorified novellas when publishers/authors attempted to pull one over on me with larger font/spacing). So...


Karl, met in previous books, is an odd case in that a) his wife has only been dead a few years and b) we never get to hear what got him turned. I kept hoping to hear that one. I mean; what could this farm boy-turned-soidlier have done that got him turned? Alas, my curiosity was unresolved at the end. However, something that had begun bothering me about the series - how new vangels come into being - was answered in that the h's brother is now one, and only turned within the timeframe of the book itself. So a person of Viking descent, who screws up, gets a job offer upon death - by Michael himself. Huh. Well, one mystery solved.


Oh. The romance. Karl has been visiting a diner for reasons he cannot fathom. Then, one day, the waitress isn't there. He finds out from the owner? Manager? Something, that she lives with some guy who is abusing her. He sees red, goes to fetch, confronts guy, fetches, sneaks her in, discovers she's ill, so goes for help, thus rendering the whole sneak job a waste of time. Of course, it spirals from there. She recovers, loser disappears (bummer. Was hoping something would happen with him), they fall in love, he gets grounded so to speak by Michael, finds her brother, etc. it was just barely too short - the unanswered question and the convenient disappearance of loser. OTOH, I suppose it's better to be a hair too short than a wig too long eh?