Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake) - Kerrelyn Sparks

A pretty decent send-off for a long-running series. Truthfully though, I've had mixed feelings about this one for some time, mostly because it has such a hard time functioning without a bad guy and/or story arc.


But anyway...(and she indicates it may be more of a hiatus than an ending)... The H - Russell, was found in a cave many moons ago, and he vanished many moons ago. In the meantime, stuff has happened. He finally gets his story and, closure about his origins and Master Han. The h was also a victim of Master Han. And, Master Han's master plan hits a snag in the fact that Russell isn't too keen on going forth with his plan. I would almost say that the trip to retrieve the h was unnecessary except that it brought about Master Han's conscience return - a little late I suppose...It's difficult to say much about that one without spoiling things but I can't say as I was really surprised at the reveal. There was just too much foreshadowing in the book.


I was bothered a bit by the sheltering of the h by family. Were they trying to protect her from death? Or keep her weak? After all, when one of the cats dies and comes back, they get a power upgrade. Hmmmm....