Light My Fire - G.A. Aiken

Would have finished earlier but life intruded. Eh, at least I cared that life intruded.


After reading various persons' opinions about this book, I wasn't sure what to expect. And too, the only times we'd seen Celyn were in fights with Eibhear. So I really didn't have a feel for him. i mean; my impression with Eibhear was that he was an overbearing prat before the whole affair between Izzy and Celyn so...


So we get to Celyn and well, he's excessively curious, or is that inquisitive. Whatever, his chatter apparently gets on others' nerves. Also gets on Elina's nerves but she's also inquisitive; just not vocal about it. And, they're on a quest (of course).


Was v. interesting to see the hybrids have proliferated. For a long time, it was just the twins and Rhia. Makes one wonder what's up. And...Gwenvael/Dagmar?!?! Wow; did they ever get busy.


There was a lot going on. That said, the lot going on blended in such a fashion that you didn't really resent being taken away from anything.