Hold Me If You Can - Stephanie Rowe


We have a h who is afraid of herself, and a H who is...afraid of himself. He uses art to calm himself so he can control his abilities. She just...avoids that side of her. And somehow, the villain's sidekick from the first book has figured out how to tap into both of them - his art teleports whomever he draws to the chick's den. She, OTOH, is getting the side effects of the chick's usage of black magic.


There were a lot of loose ends for what appears to be the last book in a trilogy. We never hear anything else from Napoleon - the ex of the villainess - for example. He was left wandering around at the end of book 2, the guy he was after is back though and...? At the end of THIS book, Christian - one of the escapees - is running out the store after a woman. Mari - the chick - is a lizard contained for some soul swapping, and... There was a point prior to that where the H had drawn a previous H. Someone went to check on him and both he and his heroine were missing. He's later mentioned as being in the Den, but she's not.