Errr...what did I just read?

Kiss at Your Own Risk - Stephanie Rowe

This book illustrates perfectly why I really wish authors would lay off the whole circumstantial "why they shouldn't be together" bit for humor.


Our h vanished for 6 months while an infant, after which she, upon reaching some semblance of maturity (?!) discovers she's cursed with this urge to kill any man she falls for. Of course, if she makes it 5 years without doing so, the curse is lifted. After the 5th kill though, she's doomed. She's at 5, and right at 5 years when the H shows up wanting her to kill the witch who kidnapped him 150 years ago and has spent those years attempting to emasculate him by insisting he learn such things as cross stitching and by making him and his fellow victims fight each other, Also, her acolytes and creations have tormented them, all because the witch's ex dumped her and in response she formed a she-woman man-hater's club of sorts. Of course her ex is back possibly because he's figured out she was successful with the curse and wants to capitalize on it.


Confused? Don't feel bad. I just finished it and I don't know what's happening either. All I really got out of it is there are a whole lot of otherworldly dysfunctional people running around Boston blowing crap up for lame-ass reasons. And it didn't help that you get essentially two stories in one - a third of the book it seems is spent in the witch's mind. No time spent in her ex's mind though so no clue as to how much was show vs how much was for real.


And the comic bits...were neither funny, nor really helpful in the sense that they added to the confusion.