Seduce Me in Flames - Jacquelyn Frank

This one takes place 2 years I think, after the previous, and no; she didn't answer the question why someone was trying to kill Bronse in that one.


While these were the first two of a promised series, it was dropped after this with the vague "series on hold indefinitely" thing.


Virgin hero alert.


The hero has the same problem the 7th brother in the Sons of Destiny has - he burns things when he gets out of control. The difference - why this gets a 4 when that one almost got a DNF - is this hero is a well-rounded individual rather than a man-child. He's afraid of hurting a woman, sure, and has gone out of his way to avoid the risk. He's also an adult, who has made a place for himself in spite of his abilities.


The heroine is a bit of a stumbling block in this book. She's been ostracized since she was 4, has been imprisoned twice (at 11, and 14 I think), and yet is still a strong capable leader with a sense of self. I'm not sure how that works really - to be oppressed all your life and go from that to leadership within a day or two seems...unlikely. Seems as if she'd be very close to broken at this point.