Seduce Me in Dreams - Jacquelyn Frank

Hmmm... I held off reading this because there was supposed to be another to the series but it's apparently put off indefinitely so... dragged the two out she did bother to write.


Somehow, our h has been reaching out to our H in dreams. Now someone is trying to kill him, and she's in trouble.


The issues I have are... one paragraph it reads like a typical modern romance - lots of descriptive 4-letter words in say, a sex scene - then wham; purple prose. Jarring to say the least. And...the guy trying to kill the H is caught at the end yet it's apparently too much effort to write a paragraph or two to say why. Or even if there are others. Just...ends. I hope book 2 actually clarifies something here or I'm going to be v. unhappy.


Other than problem with either main character, or any of their associates (that they weren't having issues with themselves). The story flowed, was interesting, etc.