Three strikes, a couple of balls, and an assortment of fouls out of play

Night Games - Nina Bangs

How to sum it up...


Strike one - heroine. Doormat for comic relief I think. While married to her now ex, she did things like oh, put toothpaste on his toothbrush for him. Oh, and measure out his cereal, milk, and sugar, *and mix them for him*. Successful writer on how to be the Perfect Wife. Should have just gotten a job at assisted living or daycare center instead since she liked doing pretty much everything up to and presumably including wiping others' asses.


Strike two - Hero. From future where sex is a spectator sport. You know, I've read my share...ok, more than my share... of books where the H was a sexual performer of some sort prior to meeting the heroine. I generally like it better when he feels some sense that his chosen profession isn't exactly ah...bragworthy. Boasting that you were voted the MVP (most valuable penis) doesn't Just doesn't work for me. There has to be some sense of self-disgust or introspection BEFORE the h raises an eyebrow and says "you're a WHAT?!"


Strike three - interfering/manipulative friend/relative. By now, anyone following my reviews already knows my feelings about this. Tante Lulu barely gets by with it mostly because she's half cracked. Everyone else, nah; sorry. Not nearly as charming. Katy, in this case, is an impulsive and v. judgmental great-aunt who takes off on hair brained and ill-advised jaunts, yet criticizes heroine for not jumping into quicksand with both feet. Uh... Right.


Two balls - uh...self explanatory


Assortment of fouls out of play - increasing cast of characters, including an ancient alien shapeshifter (the team owner), an owner for a competing team, an agent, a trainer, a ghost, and a somewhat psychotic would-be girlfriend of heroine's ex (couldn't handle being compared to Ms Doormat so she's trying to kill her)


Plot - Hero wants vacation, daft relative drags heroine on wild goose chase to see magical Irish beings (yet, ironically, manages to miss every one of them - maybe they avoid lunatics). Their paths intersect. Attraction occurs in spite of themselves, mayhem occurs because of daft relative and psycho chick, etc. etc. He ends up staying but he's apparently his own ancestor...unless as I suspect, his father WAS the priest and his mother a time traveler herself. Whatever. Really don't like the Grandfather Paradox being implied in my time travels.