The Pleasure Master - Nina Bangs

Eh. May just not have been in the mood. Or maybe I didn't really see the humor. Whatever...


Early in Ms Bangs' writing career, she had an idea; she just didn't quite know how to implement it. That idea was a reformed cosmic troublemaker named Ganymede who played matchmaker and arranged time travel. We meet him for the first time here - as a toy robot who spouts seemingly random movie quotes. The next book - Original Sin - he's a cat, and we first see what turns out to be The Big Boss. The third book, he'd vanished and been replaced by some sort of mystical white deer that travel the galaxy. The fourth, he's in human form, and Sparkle is seen. So is the first of the MacKenzie vampires. She figured it shortly after that.


Right now, in this book, she's still fumbling. Oh, there's humor to be had - the h rescuing the H from the clutches of some dominatrix while wielding a toy light saber. And at least the h is wary enough to not just fall straight into the H's bed (a relief since he's a professional seducer). Still... It was missing something.


Maybe what it's really missing is closure. I've only got one more of Ms Bangs' backlist to read and I *know* that the H's brother isn't in it. In fact, this book pretty much leaves *2* loose ends - Neil (one of H's brothers) and Coco (lawyer). The two were indulging in phone sex (don't ask) and seemed to be hitting it off but he remains behind when the H/h go back to her time.