Stone Cold Lover - Christine Warren

I like the premise; it's the execution that's a sticking point.


Heroine at one point thinks she's not stupid. This after she'd fallen for a trap that the village idiot could have spotted. Oh wait... Insert blond joke here.


And that, coupled with her attitude, is why she fails miserably as a heroine. Love interest? Maybe. Also had great difficulty believing her act of heroism near the end since she was suffering the effects of a concussion and could barely stand. Yet, we're to believe that she leaped between the bad guy and a dying friend and wrested the knife from the bad guy's hand? Right.


Frustration - the H had rocks for brains where women in general and the h in particular were concerned...oh wait.... And the h had this attitude problem that got old really fast. A five minute explanation from him would have alleviated her concerns, yet it never once occurred to him that she might be trying to distance herself due to fear of abandonment. Her attitude was in your face and pointless. Again, if she'd expressed her thought, he could have reassured her. Instead, we're treated to pages of bitchiness for no reason.