Rebel - Cheryl Brooks

Onca has issues. He was tossed on the rescue ship as an infant (why him and not his siblings? They reproduce in litters of three here.). All the rescuer was told was his first name. He has no identity. Even better, since most of the Zetithians on the ship were male, the females were exceedingly choosy, so a redhead with all the grace of your average neanderthal was pretty much overlooked.


As I said, he has issues. So the h is a fellow Zetithian who has grown up on the streets. She's a bit younger than him, so he "thinks" he's too old, too jaded, too insert dumb reason here...for her. But, she's his mate. So dummy is trying not to form an attachment so she won't bond with him and can thus bond with a more appropriate mate. Emmm...doesn't work like that, and it's a blooming miracle she didn't lose her temper and bite him for more reasons than the one she did.


In the meantime...he's helping her locate and rescue her friends.


For once, the MWOP wasn't called meat. You know, it's too bad the series is only about the Zetithians. Some of the other species are interesting too.


My issue... the H has impregnated a lot of women. In Lynx's book, as a teen, he'd been implanted with something that rendered him sterile (I think it eventually wore off). Why, considering the business these guys were in, did they not voluntarily do this? I get the whole endangered species thing here but it seems very irresponsible to just...let it happen.