The Truth About Leo - Katie MacAlister

I spent an inordinate amount of time laughing. Ok, that was actually what I was hoping for so... Sometimes Ms MacAlister overdoes it. I imagine if the H hadn't occasionally been able to get the h to shut up and listen, I might have thought that in this one. Fortunately, he does so...


The h, impetuous, headstrong (read out of control) princess is on her own mostly. Her last remaining parent has died, he was cut off for marrying her mother, so her title, while real, isn't exactly of much use. Her cousin, prince regent of Denmark, is rather fed up with her. Her betrothed died a few years back. She has few prospects. He gives her a choice - find some way to her mother's people (England), or be hauled off to a convent.

The H get wounded, passes out conveniently in her garden, and (with the aid of said cousin) finds himself married to her while delirious.


Stuff happens. Eventually she is clued in that she's behaved abominably in taking advantage of his condition. He convinces her that he's perfectly happy married to her, etc.


Something that does bug me - she sees nothing wrong with her lack of decorum. Or, more like, it only applies to her when convenient. She feels empathy toward the young teen daughters of a h in a previous book, giving me the feeling that she doesn't really grasp that their behavior is cause for concern. I dunno - in some ways she almost comes across as a sociopath. Almost. Which is why I'm a bit torn about the rating. I found the book v. funny and think if I'd liked the h a bit better, I might have been tempted to give it a 5, or at least a 4.5 (curse the luck that goodreads doesn't do half-stars.)


My consolation is that if she has a daughter of her own, she might have a good deal more understanding why her mother and Gillian were aggravated about things.